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Folk Art Paintings

The essence of folk art lies in the fact that it has a high decorative value. The incorporation of aesthetic elements is limited and folk art on canvas is more utilitarian in nature. Most folk art paintings draw much inspiration from native cultures. Lives of peasants, craftsmen, musicians, artists etc is given a dynamically visual representation on the canvas. The idea or theme behind a folk art painting on canvas often reflects the nuances of local customs and way of life. The 18th and 19th century American painters depended heavily on folk art for their livelihood. Academic movements did not have a significant influence on folk art. The main focus was on convincingly and aesthetically showcasing shared community values. Antique folk art maintains a strict departure from traditional art in the sense that it does not emulate quintessential art as such. Weathervanes, old store signs and carved figures, itinerant portraits, carousel horses, fire buckets are some common examples of antique folk art. Contemporary folk art blossoms in small communities where artists are self-taught. AnYahh, through its passionate endeavor, has become a pioneering folk art gallery. We have taken giant strides in the field of art and our folk art paintings on canvas have received applause and adulation consistently over the years. A visit to the AnYahh gallery throws open an exquisite collection specially meant to decorate your home while you can also buy folk art paintings online.

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