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Abstract Art Paintings

An abstract painting on canvas is a meticulously crafted creation of colors through brushstrokes of different shapes, sizes and scales. The idea behind abstract art paintings is to weave a captivating aura of apparent reality. Abstract act is non-representative of a person, place or thing that exists in the natural world. Abstraction basically reflects a departure from realistic entities. This departure is varied in its magnitude. It could be slight, partial or complete. It is believed that abstract art gained much prominence during the 19th century. Much of it can be attributed to the fact that artists were given a much broader spectrum of artistic freedom due to the reduced influence of the church. Art was increasingly being looked at as a source of livelihood while the general public took a great deal of interest in abstract art. AnYahh has established itself as a premier abstract painting gallery in Delhi. At AnYahh, our vision is not just to promote abstract art but bring new vistas of transformation and augmentation in the world of art. Our artists personify dexterous talent and put in their deepest endeavor to come out with trendsetting abstract oil paintings.

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