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Cityscape Paintings

Cityscape art can be defined as the urban equivalent of landscape art. Cityscape paintings project an aesthetic representation of the physical aspects of a city. They depict urbanization with an artistic touch. Urban designs incorporate built forms and the space between structures and objects. Townscape paintings are considered to be the same as cityscape paintings although they only highlight the small difference between a town and a city.

Biblical themes and portraits were greatly inspired by cityscape painting in the middle ages in which cityscapes were used as the backgrounds in art. It is believed that by the 17th and the 18th centuries, cityscape art had become an independent genre of art in many European countries like Netherlands, Britain, France, Germany etc. The 19th century saw the interest of artists bending mostly towards the motivating elements of everyday life. Things like buildings, trains, industries etc found space in the imaginations of cityscape artists.

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